Aim Trainer

See your precision rapidly grow!

Aim's importance during games
Having a good aim is important in every FPS games (First Person Shooter). This is why we decided to make an aim trainer, to make YOU better at the games you love! We truly think aim is the most important thjing to be good at during FPS games.
No longer play on luck

Being conscius about your rapidity and your aim is really important. It makes you able to better calculate your shoots and be more accurate! We wouldn't want you to miss shots and giver out your spot to the enemy!

Open Beta
The Aim Trainer is currently under an open beta, wich means everyoner can test the game even though it isin't finished. Do not hesitate to contact us here!

Other informations about the Snake Team Aim Trainer

How YOU can help us (Open-Source)

The Snake Team Aim Trainer is Open-Source! Wich means you can help us make the Aim Trainer even better by improving the code and sending it to us! Everyone's help is appreciated since it makes us grow more and more!

We accept donations!

We accept donations since it makes us able to developpe faster! Donations can give us the ability to get better tools and faster! Every donation is appreciated, everything helps us!

Updates & Patches

Updates are taken charge by Microsoft themselves so there is nothing to worry about our app. Every updates will be double, even triple checked to be sure to give our community the best quality game the could want! Keep in mind the game is still in beta.